Anders Sjöqvist

Jan ByrmoÖstergötland

1962-09-17, Östergötland

2008-10-30, Östergötland

Världens finaste. En människa att sakna i all oändlighet. En pappa, son, bror, make, vän att vara stolt över.
Vi älskar och saknar dig!

I have a dream about the place where you are in peace.

There is a place without war and fighting,
a place where it's no fear.
A place where people are having enough money-
and someone to call their honey.
A place where it's no hate and crimes-
a place where people are having good times.
In this place people laugh and have fun-
and it doesn't matter if you are five ore eighty-one.

Maybe one day I could fly away to this place.
I Will bring my sister and my brother-
and we can all take care of each other.

Maybe one day I can visit you in this place-
somewhere in outer space.

/ Jessica


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